Team Coaching

Team coaching can help unite a leadership team, a project team, or individuals working across functions and divisions, building higher levels of collaboration and trust. When teams function at this level, best outcomes are achieved, and individuals experience high levels of engagement.

Through a customized process that often involves a combination of assessment, custom-designed facilitated team sessions and active coaching during team meetings, teams become transformed into cohesive units that utilize each member's natural talents in pursuit of common goals.

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Career Coaching

Circumstances such as a major life transition, a sense of dissatisfaction or the desire for higher levels of achievement can lead a person to seek out this process to help them identify and create a work life that is rooted in their sense of purpose, their values, and the things that bring them deep satisfaction.

Career coaching helps individuals realize their career goals and aspirations, through a thorough assessment process, definition of clear objectives, and implementation of an effective strategy for attaining them. Career coaching is a highly customized and personal process, focused on meeting the unique needs of the individual.

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